Electronic publication is also a publication. It has an ISBN or ISSN and is being sold or distributed freely according to the publisher’s preference. Its main advantage is that is produced faster and cheaper than the traditional one. It is also rapidly distributed with significantly less costs.

With puBBuh your electronic publication gets a better treatment, since now you can take advantage a whole set of interactive features for your books and magazines, your own Pubbuhs
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1. What is puBBBuh? PuBBuh is a new startup that was founded from three friends. PuBBuh is being hosted since December 2014 in the new business incubator of Athens Chamber of commerce. 2. What is an electronic publication?A publication in digital mediums is an electronic publication. The books or magazines or anything else that is being published electronically “live” in a digital file such as pdf, e-pub, mobi and so on.

An electronic publication is generally cheaper and more agile to the production and distribution that the traditional printed one. Digital storage devices can host huge libraries.

3. So what is so special about Pubbuh?First of all, Pubbuh IS an electronic publication platform.

A typical e-publication is nothing than the transfer of the printed publication on a computer screen. Publishers usually convert to an electronic publication a copy of the printed one with only a few differences.

We in puBBuh give you the opportunity to fully take advantage of electronic media and add elements that could not “live” in a traditional publication. Slideshows, videos, hyperlinks and small applications. Moreover, the publishers can start discussions with their readers within every chapter of their book. They can also trade off parts of each book with other publishers and co-exploit content. You can network with readers, other publishers and authors something that will give your content the exposure you need.

In addition,puBBuh is cheaper and easier than other self publishing platforms. With Pubbuh anyone can be a publisher and present their Pubbuhs with ease, low cost even on your website or your mobile app.
4. What does puBBuh mean?Its a new word deriving from “publication hub” inspired by a network idea we had when we were planning and developing it5. Is puBBuh a publishing house?Nope, we are not publishers. We are a platform that aims to anyone who believes that possesses interesting content and wishes to publish it. In this group, professional publishers and individual authors are more than welcome. 6.I am a publisher. Why should I do business with you?puBBuh gives you the opportunity to distribute your publications in a more effective way, with minimal costs. You can create your own applications in order to enrich your content. Moreover with the connectivity options we bring you, you can market your products according to your own strategy.

Do not forget. We are not competitors. We are partners. So we can consult with you which of your existing publications would have a better chance to become popular in the digital world.
7. I am an author. I have content, why should I work with you? You are in the right place. Think of all the possibilities you have to reach your audience. With a simple and fast way you can lead your readers to an in depth approach of your work. Notes, hyperlinks, images, videos all come handy to create a new narrative experience.

Finally you can distribute your Pubbuhs from your site or blog. Simply use the javascript libraries of Pubbuh in action and build your own mobile apps. Get access to all the tools that will make you a professional publisher.

We will be with you every step of the way.
8. I have content, but I am unable to edit itSo, you are ready to create your first book. In this case we can help you get started. We have a network of professionals in the publishing industry that will attend to you every step of the way. Just give a call.9. I have a pdf ready, but I do not seem to understand why I should add something else.Good! So you are ready. Adding other elements will not change anything you have done so far. But if this is fairy tale some pictures would do the tryck, if it is a scientific book, diagrams, videos could also make it more appealing.

You could alter the narration also. Leave the reader to find out more about the ideas you present.
10. What should I have in mind before I convert my pdf to Pubbuh? Our conversion system is being improved continuously. Soon any limitations will seize to exist.11. What king of services do you offer to help me?In your effort to self publish you might come along some loopholes. We can be there to help you along. From simple publishing services such as proofreading, images, diagrams and also more sophisticated services as mutlimedia production. We can of course consult you on how to best use Pubbuh. Our developers can also create interesting apps for your publications. We are always happy and ready to help.12. Can you give a pricelist of your services?Depending on your needs and specifications we can send you an offer.

In general electronic publication is cheaper than the traditional by one third.
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