Electronic publications have either an ISBN or an ISSN, and can be sold or distributed for free depending on the publisher's choice -the process is the same you follow for your hard copies. The benefit from an electronic publication is that the production and distribution is faster and more economical.

Through our platform, you can utilize a plethora of interactive tools for your publications, easily, reliably and without spending too much of your time and resources. Use our tools to enrich your books and magazines -your pubbuhs.

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1. What is puBBuh?PuBBuh is a company created by a team of three people with expertise in publishing, education and technology. As a startup it was supported by the Athens Startup Business Incubator (Th.E.A.), thanks to its strong extroversion potential. Now, the company has expanded in Germany and has it's headquarters in Berlin.2. What is an electronic publication?Electronic publications are the books, magazines, notes etc that are published as digital files (pdf, e-pub, mobi etc).

E-publications are typically more economical and offer versatility when it comes to production and distribution. They don't require actual space for storage -digital files are kept in storage devices, and quite cheap storage devices have room for huge libraries.

One must not confuse electronic publications with digital printing, which is a printing method that requires minimal resources -this has to do with typography, not publishing.
3. What's the difference between an e-publication and a pubbuh publication?A typical electronic publication is just an on-screen version of a hard copy. Publishers usually convert the hard copy to digital form exactly as it is, or with very few changes.

Our platform offers publishers the chance to take full advantage of the available electronic tools and add elements that are not at their disposal through a typical hard copy, such as slideshows, videos, hyperlinks, micro apps etc. On top of that, publishers can enable conversations between their readers "inside" each chapter or section of their book, or in every article of their magazine. They can also connect themselves or distribute their content throughout our whole network of readers-publishers-distributors.

PuBBuh is more economical and easy to use. Through our publishing platform anyone can become their own publisher and distribute their pubbuh easily and with minimal resources, even via their own website of mobile applications.
4. What is a phygital publication?A phygital publication connects the electronic with the hard copy version of your book or magazine. With our technology, your hard copy takes full advantage of the benefits of the e-publication. As long as the readers are connected to the web, they have access to the electronic version of the book they're reading and all the notes they might have taken on it, or any other type of addition or changes they've made.5. What does the word "puBBuh" mean?The word comes from the phrase "publication hub" and signifies the fact that puBBuh creates a network of people who operate on a network of content.6. Is puBBuh a publishing house?PuBBuh is not a publishing house. It is a publishing platform, oriented towards anyone who wishes to publish their content -whether that might be professional publishers, organizations and other entities, or people who choose to self-publish.7. I am a publisher. Why should I work with you?Through puBBuh you have the chance to distribute your products more effectively and even create your own reading applications with minimal resources. Moreover, our methods for connecting and creating-expanding our networks can help you generate entirely new ways to market and distribute your products.

Finally, we can explore together which ones of your products -electronic or hard copies- can be more interactive, especially when it comes to content with great value (educational, albums, art books, cooking books, children's books etc)
8. I am a writer and I wish to publish my content. Why should I work with you?Consider everything we have to offer, in order for you to enhance your content and your book. With quick and simple additions, you can help your readers really comprehend your content. Your notes, links and explanatory comments, are connected in the most efficient way. Plus, you can develop additional products in direct relation and with direct connection to your main content.

Finally, you can distribute your puBBuh through your own website or blog as well -using our "pubbuh in action" service, you can even build your own mobile applications.
9. I have content but I don't know how to design my work into a book. What can I do?You are ready to create your first book -and this a step with which we can support you. We have at your disposal an atelier and talented people, who can stand by your side every step of the way till your publication is completed. Our team will advise you, so that your book can integrate our technology as effectively as possible.10. My pdf is ready, but I don't know what else I could add to it. Why should I do that?First of all, anything you add to enrich your work does not affect the flow of your content. With our technology, however, you can enhance your point of view, communicate more ideas or highlight the most creative or interesting parts of your content.

You can make a children's story come alive, or bury a secret deep in the most dark crypt of your medieval castle!

You can transform the narrative. Let the reader discover more information about the most complex bits of your work.
11. Is there anything specific I have to do with my pdf, in order to convert it to pubbuh format?The conversion typically starts and is completed automatically, and no errors occur during the process.12. What kind of services can you provide to support me?If you choose to self-publish, there's a good chance you'll come across some hurdles along the way. PuBBuh can support you almost in every step of this journey. We offer a variety of basic publishing services (atelier, editing etc), as well as more specialized services, such as audio and video options. We advise our clients on how to make the most of our technology and platform. We distribute your products through various channels and apps. Our developers can help you create your own applications.13. How much do your services cost?Depending on your needs and the ways you choose to be supported by our team, we can prepare an offer specifically for you. For the most part, however, electronic publications are far less costly than a hard copy option.

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