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Why a PHYGITAL website?

...through an example (PET SHOP example)

How do we help Diana to build a website for her pet shop? Find out why PHYGITAL CONCEPT is ideal for business. What are the benefits of our technology? Let the story begin!

Diana recently started a pet shop business. Her love for animals was inspiring, and now a life’s dream comes true. The store works perfectly, and Diana fast created a lot of loyal customers. A few months later continued with providing services like hospitality, haircut, and caring. She is happy because of more clients for the pet shop more love for the pets.

When Diana launched the shop, she made sure to build a website. She had previous experience with several modern tools. She did choose a gorgeous template, and the website went online.

On the Internet, many platforms help her in marketing. She has a passion for her work and all the time to manage all those different services.

However, A few months later, she realized a lack of time to handle the platforms. Furthermore, the chosen template wasn’t good enough to show the brand off and point the values out.

Then we were on her radar. We delivered a new website with a beautiful design and PHYGITAL services at the backend.

We help her to devise ideas to gain benefits for her store. We wrote stories for the bestselling products. With those stories, we attempted to train our customers about those products. We revealed secrets and promoted other products. Finally, we asked the client to send us an email address. She published the stories on the website and shared them on social media. Furthermore, we downloaded the stories’ Qrcodes and attached them to the products’ packaging. 

The brand strategy is obvious. Soon the store and the website were a place to learn, to educate yourself. We built loyalty and trust with the customers.

We collected real-valued data. Diana started to understand her clients. The newsletters she is sending now are more targeted, and they have a higher level of personalisation.

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