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INTERACTIVE books-booklets-flyers
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PUBBUH bookstore

We offer integrated services for interactive publications, either electronic and hard copies. Videos, animations, slide shows, sounds, maps, micro apps and many more now viewed by any book.

What is the PHYGITAL publishing?

"PHYGITAL publishing" produces electronic and printed books (magazines, manuals, notes, catalogs, brochures, etc.) that use a variety of interactive e-services. Such may be viewing videos, sounds, slideshows, interactive maps, contacting the author, discussions among readers, and more.

Our services are ideal for those who wish to fully and affordably utilize the capabilities of electronic media.

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What are the benefits for document and book publishers

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Is a methodology to produce and publish hardcopies that interact and support digital services and rich media.

With phygital publishing the publisher can create electronic and print books and magazines which are assigned with a variety of electronic media and applications.

On the electronic format of the book, the publisher can add material like videos, slide-shows, maps, sounds etc. on the other hand, the hard copy has access to all this material via a mobile application.


is a characteristic of the book. The reader can choose to buy and read either the e-book or the hard copy without the loss of the extra material or any attached service.

The term PHYGITAL is a neologism that comes from the marketing area. It’s a combination of the PHYSICAL and DIGITAL terms.

It's straightforward
Phygital Publishing
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Interactive publishing
  • Flyers & Posters marketing campaigns
  • Booklets
  • Books
  • Electronic and Printed Media
  • News Letters & Landing pages Campaigns
  • QRcodes Campaigns
  • Easy DIY administration and Analytics
  • Storytelling and blog system
  • Discounts For your websites upgrade
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Many services that you need
  • SEO & SMO consulting
  • Custom Unique WEB Design
  • Mobile Applications
  • We are well connected with profesional
    • Photographers
    • Videographers
    • Copywriters
    • Visual artists
We would like to hear about your needs. Apply to send you an offer.There is no commitment or obligation from you. APPLY
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Entrepreneurs tend to think that they need a website because everybody has one. Often they don't realize that a website is a tool for the everyday life of their business. A website communicates your ideas, business, and your brand 24 hours 365 days.

We can help you to use your website as a tool. We even can build a new one tailor-made for your company.

Learn about your audience, and feel the power of continuous communication.

Expand your clients' networks with the PHYGITAL CONCEPT.

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