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Pubbuh is an integrated service for interactive publications, either electronic and hard copies. Videos, animations, slide shows, sounds, maps, micro apps and many more now viewed by any book.

We call the new form of publishing as "PHYGITAL."

"PHYGITAL publishing" produces electronic and printed books (magazines, manuals, notes, catalogs, brochures, etc.) that use a variety of interactive e-services. Such may be viewing videos, sounds, slideshows, interactive maps, contacting the author, discussions among readers, and more.

Our services are ideal for those who wish to fully and affordably utilize the capabilities of electronic media.

Use Interactive Tools and create a new reading experience for your readers

PHYGITALITY is a characteristic of the book. The reader can choose to buy and read either the e-book or the hard copy without the loss of the extra material or any attached service.

On the electronic format of the book, the publisher can add material like videos, slide-shows, maps, sounds etc. on the other hand, the hard copy has access to all this material via a mobile application.

With phygital publishing the publisher can create electronic and print books and magazines which are assigned with a variety of electronic media and applications.

we can build a readers’ community who loves your content

Build or Improve your website with us.

Create PHYGITAL content.

Link or embed rich media in your books, magazine, and flyers.

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Learn about PUBBUH porjects
cover The Best of Both Worlds
The Best of Both Worlds8.3.2023

Phygital marketing offers the advantage of seamlessly connecting physical and digital spaces, resulting in a smooth customer experience across both channels. This feature not only saves customers time and effort, but also creates an engaging and interactive experience that strengthens brand awareness and customer loyalty.

cover Why a PHYGITAL website?
Why a PHYGITAL website?4.2.2022

How do we help Diana to build a website for her pet shop? Find out why PHYGITAL CONCEPT is ideal for business. What are the benefits of our technology? Let the story begin!

cover The Rise Of PHYGITAL Publishing
The Rise Of PHYGITAL Publishing21.2.2023

PHYGITAL publishing is a relatively new concept and is still evolving. The goal of phygital publishing is to create a more engaging and immersive reading experience for users.

cover Phygital Publishing
Phygital Publishing20.10.2020

The term “PHYGITAL” is a neologism. It declares a join between physical and digital. Originated from marketing, it describes campaigns that combine digital and non-digital activities. In our days, there are a lot of applications of the idea.

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