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Stories of the wall

My relationship with publishing starts from my school years. Back then, a group of kids created the "stories of the wall" in Patras. These were one-page stories that we had wrote, photocopied, and posted on the walls of city buildings.

It was a protest for those times, as we posted our stories and not posters of the political parties. Unfortunately, our activity had a painful ending with some reprimands in the local police station.

The publishing business is fascinating. "Book publishing" is one of the main activities of our society. Books help for the evolution and development of Western civilization for over five hundred years.

But what book publishers do? What does a publisher do in her daily life?

There are three main activities that a publisher is involved in daily.

First, she manages copyright. She must seek and find writers and persuade them to trust her for their thoughts.

After that, she has to make her books legible, pleasant in appearance, and with complete and concrete language.

Finally, for the books she has on the market, she has to run and promote them. She puts the books as close as possible to their readers. 

So a publisher is "Copyright Manager," "auditor and editor," and "distributor-seller." Publishing actions are filters between the authors and readers.

I am wondering if the "stories of the wall" were a publishing business. For sure, it was. After all, we were looking for stories, we printed them, and finally, we had the buildings of Patras as a distribution channel.

Nowadays, enormous changes have taken place. The Internet has appeared. "Stories" are written and legally distributed on blogs. The Internet revealed some problems and new opportunities for the publishing sector. For that, with a group of friends, we came to the "PUBBUH," the "PUBLICATION HUB," as is its full name. 

Our job is to create and offer solutions to those who have or would like to have a publishing activity with modern aspects.

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