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Andreas Machairas

I am a web developer and entrepreneur. My beautiful project "PUBBUH" (PUBlication HUB) is now a running startup business located in Berlin. PUBBUH is about the idea o PHYGITAL publishing. With our technology, the book-publishers and the authors can create hardcopies or e-documents that interact with their readers. We create a reading community with your book in the center.

I have studied physics and science at the University of Ioannina.
I have worked for many years (1998 - 2011) in "Livani Publishing Organization SA" that is one of major book publisher in the country. I was the head manager of the R&D department and the responsibilities of my department were to design new products and services for publishers.
When I stopped the collaboration with the company I started as a freelancer developer for WEB and Mobile applications. I worked for most of those projects as a full-stack developer.

PUBBUH blogs. Share your ideas, express yourself.
cover Ο Δρόμος και όχι ο Σκοπός
Ο Δρόμος και όχι ο Σκοπός

Δεν κάνουν τα ράσα τον Παππά και ο σκοπός δεν αγιάζει τα μέσα. Μπορούμε να πετύχουμε πολλά και ίσως να ευτυχίσουμε αλλά το πως φτάσαμε εκεί που φτάσαμε είναι αυτό που μας κάνει ανθρώπους.

cover Why a PHYGITAL website?
Why a PHYGITAL website?4.2.2022

How do we help Diana to build a website for her pet shop? Find out why PHYGITAL CONCEPT is ideal for business. What are the benefits of our technology? Let the story begin!

cover Maria Salouvardou, interdisciplinary artist
Maria Salouvardou, interdisciplinary artist 3.12.2021

Maria Salouvardou is an interdisciplinary artist, and she lives in Berlin. It was a great pleasure that we worked for her website. She adopted fast our concept of “phygital website.” Now she is ready to be one of our success stories. She has already started to combine her stories with “phygital campaigns” and QR codes.

cover Stories of the wall
Stories of the wall8.12.2020

My first publishing business ends-up without any glory but in a police station. Memories from my school years.

cover Phygital Publishing
Phygital Publishing20.10.2020

The term “PHYGITAL” is a neologism. It declares a join between physical and digital. Originated from marketing, it describes campaigns that combine digital and non-digital activities. In our days, there are a lot of applications of the idea.

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