Pubbuh.com is an online service package, that helps users create and distribute interactive hard copy and electronic publications of books, magazines, notes etc. These interactive products are called pubbuhs.

Users are not required to develop new skills in order to take advantage of our services. On top of that, it's extremely easy for them to enrich their products with additional images, slideshows, hyperlinks, notes, micro apps...

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We are ready to work with you. If you have content ready to be published, we're interested! PuBBuh encourages self-publishing, publishing and creation of high quality content. We are interested in all types of content: education, art, literature, poetry, cooking, anything your imagination can generate!
Be your own publisher

PuBBuh is an online publishing platform. We can help you publish your book. With our services you can:

  • Issue an ISBN for your book
  • Create interactive electronic publications
  • Sell your publications on our online store
  • Sell them via your website as well
  • Exchange content with other users-publishers, in order to make the most of it in cooperation
What else can we do for you?
  • Help you create your own reading apps for your website, mobile devices or Facebook
  • Explore and suggest ways for you to utilize puBBuh effectively and fully, according to your own unique content

All it takes is for you to have your book in pdf format, exactly as you have envisioned it...

...although puBBuh can give you a hand with this as well!

We have at your disposal:

  • experienced atelier
  • editors
  • graphic designers
  • web designers
  • web developers

You can work with us, even if all you have is your content.

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