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Publication In today’s world, being the owner or developer of content means you are swamped with options regarding the different ways you are able to publish it. You can select one of web’s good services, to publish, blog, or even create your own website. If you desire you can still visit a traditional publisher. He or she usually has the proper structure to edit your content, your images and the whole publication as a product. The addedd value is also consisted of the production mechanism and of course distribution.
Self - Publication Lately, electronic self publication has become an increasingly appealing option for new authors. With just a little help from an editor, you can create a publication and then distribute it yourself through your website or a third party service.
Electronic publication The main advantages of this option are the following:
  • Low costs.
  • Easily distributed through the web.
  • No reprinting associated costs.
  • Thousands of magazines and books live in just one device.
Do you want to publish with us? puBBuh is the most modern approach for electronic publication. With us, not only you have a complete publication but you can enrich it with additional content such as video, images, footnotes. You can sell your content easily using our marketplace and take advantage of your unique content along with other publishers. Pubbuh creates a human network of readers, editors and publishers.

We are in a constant search for owners of quality content to help them create their first publications.
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