Publishers who create pubbuhs can sell them directly via pubbuh.com's online store, as well as the corresponding apps for mobile devices and Facebook.

Moreover, using our service "pubbuh in action" they can develop their own apps for reading, selling and contact their clients -or simply adjust the apps of their choosing to their website.

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Phygital Publishing Phygital publications are the most innovative tool the publishing world has to offer -and that is what we have available for you: we connect electronic publications with hard copies, giving the reader the ability to enjoy a hard copy that takes full advantage of the benefits of an electronic publication. On top of that, the reader can always have access to their book, notes etc, as long as they are online.
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PuBBuh provides the most innovative method for electronic and phygital publications. Not only do you create a complete publication, but also you can enhance it with extra content, like videos, images, notes. You can create an interactive hard copy, fully connected to the electronic version -your hard copy utilizes every feature of you e-publication. You can sell your publications very fast and easily, or even join forces with other publishers to make the best use of your products together.

PuBBuh creates a network of people who operate on a network of books.

Publishing There are many options for people who own or generate content to be published. They can choose one or more web services, create a blog or their own website. If they prefer, they can approach a typical publisher, who provides a great mechanism in order to go over the content, the images and the aesthetics. The publisher can also promote products to the final consumer. The value added by the publisher relates to aesthetics, production and distribution.
Independent publishing - Self-publishing Independent publishing and self-publishing are modern options for a writer. It is only with a publishing advisor's help, that a writer can create a flawless final product and distribute it on their own.
Electronic publishing

Electronic publishing is another way of publishing -the final product is a digital file. However, this type of publication has significant advantages:

  • It's economical. The paper version is much more expensive
  • It can be quickly and easily distributed everywhere in the planet
  • The reproduction is free, there's no ceiling to the number of copies
  • Thousands of electronic books and magazines can be stored in just one device
  • It is the best option for protecting the environment and our planet
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