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Maria Salouvardou, interdisciplinary artist

we welcome you Maria

Maria Salouvardou is an interdisciplinary artist, and she lives in Berlin. It was a great pleasure that we worked for her website.

Maria studied acting (Vasilis Diamantopoulos and Akis Davis Theatre Schools) Costume design and Scenography («Μikro polytexneio» Art School in Athens) and holds a BA in Economics from Athens University of Economics. 

She adopted fast our concept of “phygital website.” Now she is ready to be one of our success stories. She has already started to combine her stories with “phygital campaigns” and QR codes. Till December, we are going to join her artworks with NFC tags.

But how exactly does Maria use her phygital website?

  • We create a professional visit card with a QRcode, and NFC tag linked to a specific URL. Maria manages the content of the URL. The visit card comes alive and helps for better communication between people and Maria. We provide analytics about the card`s use. She can follow them and extracts insights about her reputation.
  • She is preparing an exhibition in May (2022). For each of the artworks, the backend system automatically creates QR codes and NFC tags. Furthermore, she develops a “landing page” to present and promote her exhibition. When the landing page is ready, people will be able to interact with it. Maria collects emails addresses. She builds a network. She may use her network to communicate further with her followers.
  • Because Maria is a member of the PUBBUH service, we are helping her to develop a phygital booklet for the exhibition. That means more engagement by her followers.

The "phygital website" concept helps Maria develop a better understanding about her followers. Furthermore, she can design branding strategies and help the community to reach her efficiently.

We are here to support Maria Salouvardou for the ongoing progress of her Internet image.

Welcome, Maria!

Visit Maria`s WEBSITE

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