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What is puBBuh?

It is an integrated service for interactive publications. Either electronic and hard copies. Videos, animations, slide shows, sounds, maps, micro apps and many more now viewed by any book.

We call the new kind of publishing as "PHYGITAL."

The "PHYGITAL publishing" produces electronic and printed books (magazines, manuals, notes, catalogs, brochures, etc.) that use a variety of interactive e-services. Such may be viewing videos, sounds, slideshows, interactive maps, contacting the author, discussions among readers, and more.

Our services are ideal for those who want to efficiently, affordable and fully utilize the capabilities of electronic media.

It's straightforward
Upload your PDF
Add interactions
Publication is ready and is phygital
Ideal for
White papers
Phygital Publishing Phygital publications are the most innovative tool the publishing world has to offer -and that is what we have available for you: we connect electronic publications with hard copies, giving the reader the ability to enjoy a hard copy that takes full advantage of the benefits of an electronic publication. On top of that, the reader can always have access to their book, notes etc, as long as they are online.
Do you wish to use our technology?

PuBBuh provides the most innovative method for electronic and phygital publications. Not only do you create a complete publication, but also you can enhance it with extra content, like videos, images, notes. You can create an interactive hard copy, fully connected to the electronic version -your hard copy utilizes every feature of you e-publication. You can sell your publications very fast and easily, or even join forces with other publishers to make the best use of your products together.

PuBBuh creates a network of people who operate on a network of books.

What we offer

Each "PUBBUH publisher" has access to the "editing application." He can enrich his book with interactive media. Such media can be video, slideshow, sounds, maps, notes, reader contact points and more.

Also with the "management application," publisher can set a price for the e-version and hard copy version. There he will find many options that help in the marketing of books.

With the launch of our collaboration, specialized training will be given to your people to use these applications. This training lasts up to three hours.

Pubbuh store This is our point of sales for electronic and printed books PUBBUH. But it's not the only selling point. Both electronic and printed PUBBUH
may also be sold by any other website you authorize.
PubbuhInAction This is a library of programming tools. The developers of your website can unlock all the power of the PUBBUH platform. Special applications tailored to your needs can be developed.
We are ready to work with you

Do you want to bring in life your publications and earn new readers? With our technology, you can conjoin your electronic and hardcopy publications. Stay innovative with Pubbuh.

What else can we do for you?
  • Help you build your own reading apps for your site, mobile and Facebook
  • Study on how to make better use of puBBuh, especially for your own content
Fill out the form data, and we will contact you immediately Request

With the free membership, you gain access to the pubbuh store. There you will find the books of affiliate publishers. Of course, the books are phygital. Phygital means that the printed version of the book also has access to a variety of electronic media and services.

Now your books can also become phygital. It is effortless and economical. Contact us to make a suggestion that suits your needs.

Available in all devices. Wherever you are.
Innovative applications brings your stories to life.
Send us your comments. Utilise pubbuh’s tools
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